Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


  The mindset of a warrior:  It’s the Spartan thrusting his spear while engaged in battle, the gladiator swinging his massive trident or the warrior goddess lashing out with tainted dagger. There is a warrior in you! It’s the part of you that will not capitulate and doesn’t know the meaning of walk away, quit […]

Have you checked your posture lately.  What would people say about your body language when you walk into a crowded room? If you glanced in the mirror (which I’m sure you never do) at some unsuspecting moment and didn’t change a thing would you see a powerful, confident and commanding leader or a slouchy push […]

Although by the standard of his day good old Ben Franklin would not have been considered a glaring example of the perfect masculine physique, he was however arguably one of the most successful men in history. It could be said that his success was due, in large part to what he called the 13 virtues that […]

Sometimes it’s the numbers on the scale, other times it’s a single unforgiving glance in the mirror or just a lack in energy that motivates us to work towards being healthier and making healthier choices.  Occasionally we all get the “healthy mindset” that we are going to change our unhealthy habits and “evil ways.” And […]


During an interview I once told Muscle and Fitness Magazine that “being in shape and contest ready was like wearing bullet proof armor on stage… I felt invincible like no one could touch me.” That armor extended way beyond the competition stage. Being in shape can provide us with an identity, a persona¸ make us […]

Have you ever struggled to find motivation for what you’re trying to do? It can be tough and quite often frustrating to be out there on your own trying to achieve something challenging. I want to share a secret with you today.  Actually it’s a secret component in the fitness success formula. And if you […]


Twice a month I contribute to Muscle and Fitness online; my take on how to maximize your attitude, inner language, psychology and perspective for empowering greater levels of success in your body, mind and life…I call the video series Max Mind Set. In this edition, I share my top mindset strategies for starting and sticking […]


I often call the gym or workout environment “the strength of will proving ground” because we have an opportunity while in that environment to not only test our will but develop it as well.  But the physical training environment is even more than that. It can also serve as an acute opportunity to identify the self […]

I don’t know if it’s your body, your finances, your relationship, your emotional strength, all the above  or something else. What I do know is that you me and just about everyone I know wants, in one way or another to GROW and have more of what we enjoy and hold dear. And because I […]

I was recently asked competition advice by an old friend who has been competing as a body builder for several years. He’s had some great success over his 20 plus year career but he has also faced some frustration and disappointment. His goal has been to capture a prestigious IFBB pro card which continues to allude […]