Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Although by the standard of his day good old Ben Franklin would not have been considered a glaring example of the perfect masculine physique, he was however arguably one of the most successful men in history. It could be said that his success was due, in large part to what he called the 13 virtues that […]

While visiting our regular Island paradise (Antigua) we decided to do a little more than just lay around the pool (which aint bad either) so we ventured out with some friend into the jungle and to take a look at the Island from its highest point… what a freaking blast.  Enjoy the tour.

In this episode of my Muscle & Fitness: Max Mind Set, I talk about leaving the New Year’s Resolution “BULLSHIT” at 2012’s doorstep and invoking some real passion by setting an  empowering, challenging and audacious goal for the new year. Ready to rock… then check it out. Get Audacious in 2012   Watch My Video […]

Before I quickly introduce you to part II of the “controversial” interview Erik Rokeach did with me not long ago let me first invite you – if you have not already done so – to watch Part I of the interview and share your honest opinion. It will also give you a context for what […]

I was recently interviewed by Erik Rokeach of Fitness Business who called it “The Most important Interview He Has Ever Done.” Part one of the 2 part series “How I went from bad ass biker to achievement expert” has been met with some controversy and a wide variety of opinions. The question is – […]

I am an identical twin. My brother and I were fortunate to come into this world healthy, strong and without complication. There are however 800,000 reported pregnancies per year in the United States alone that aren’t as fortunate. Enter The Fetal Hope Foundation. Their mission is to provide support, provide information, fund research, increase awareness […]

I have had bouts with skin cancer. I take this stuff very seriously. Find out what products and sunscreens to avoid.

Why would my good friend and world renowned nutrition expert, Jonny Bowden say, “He’s just a fraction of the guy who was on the cover of Muscular Development” about your good buddy, Tom Terwilliger (me)? I’ll give you a hint… it has to do with BIG eating and early mortality. Check out the rest of […]

It is not the event but how we INTERPRET the event that dictates the emotional state. It is not the experience itself but the MEANING we give it that will determine whether it becomes empowering or disempowering, whether it strengthens our inner game or weakens it.

2008 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Dawn and I have had the privilege for the past four years to witness some pretty incredible feats of strength from what most would consider, an unlikely source.¬† AND this year at the Rocky Mountain Senior Games was no exception! In this video you will witness a 74 year old […]