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Will the Real Tom Terwilliger Please Stand Up?

As I write for more and more fitness related forums, the more I hear from people who remember me from my past bodybuilding success. I also get several questions about my twin brother, Mike who was also a champion in his own right. He’s still working out and looks great and is an artist. He’s been featured in and on


Tom TerwilligerWill the Real Tom Terwilliger Please Stand Up?

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Fitness Challenges Provide Momentum for Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

Year after year the number one resolution made is to lose weight. Now a days it is easier than ever to stay motivated due to the ever increasing fitness challenges available. AND the dedication you make to yourself through your efforts may earn you sizable prize money, exotic trips, or both! Dawn and I just returned from Miami, Florida where


Tom TerwilligerFitness Challenges Provide Momentum for Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

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The Secret Millionaire…Are You?

I watch very little television these days. After all, why would I? There’s so little time and way too much bad news being televised.  Who needs it! Every now and than however a show comes along that sparks my curiosity. A new “reality” program called, ‘The Secret Millionaire’ on FOX network did just that. The show features different “self absorbed”


Tom TerwilligerThe Secret Millionaire…Are You?

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“Go Take a Flying Leap”

Next time someone says, “Go Take a Flying Leap.”¬† You should thank them!¬† There’s so much talk today about “taking the next step” or “going to the next level” that I’m tired of hearing about it. The truth is I have never gotten from where I was to where I wanted to be by taking some small step. Granted every


Tom Terwilliger“Go Take a Flying Leap”

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Preparing for a Fitness Battle

Let’s face it, getting fit takes some effort.¬† But getting into peak condition, shredded, or cut is an entirely different animal.¬† Comparing the two is like comparing going out for a jog to running a marathon. Getting fit requires discipline and desire while¬†getting into peak condition¬†takes both of those as well as grit, determination, single-mindedness, and the¬†ability to push past


Tom TerwilligerPreparing for a Fitness Battle

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Proof: You Can Have Strength at Any Age

2008 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Dawn and I have had the privilege for the past four years to witness some pretty incredible feats of strength from what most would consider, an unlikely source.  AND this year at the Rocky Mountain Senior Games was no exception! In this video you will witness a 74 year old athlete doing a 280 pound


Tom TerwilligerProof: You Can Have Strength at Any Age

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