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Do You Have Rapport With Your Most Important Ally?

Do you know, like and trust your body? In this short training video filmed¬†during a live teleconference we talk about the importance of “body rapport” and the brutal truth about who you are at your core.¬† Look and listen for the parts of the message that resonates with¬†you and please share your thoughts.


~ The Achievement Mentor

Tom TerwilligerDo You Have Rapport With Your Most Important Ally?


  1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

    We all have some idea of the importance of the “mind/body connection” but knowing, liking, and trusting your body is another level. That’s the level you nedd to be at to take the giant leap of faith in you life.

  2. Tom   Reply

    How can we increase our levels of body rapport?

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      Great question. It’s one thing to know you need to do or change something and quite often an entirely different thing to actually do it. I would begin by first asking you… in what way or ways do you not know, like or trust your body? Only you can answer that question but I can help you find the answers by asking the right questions.

      * How well do you KNOW your body? In a relationship for example – you can live with someone for years but if you haven’t truly been listening to them and or ignoring the subtle messages you have been getting about or from them you may not really know that person nearly as well as you think you do. Have you ever said or heard said something like “wow… I really thought I knew him or her…. but I never expected them to do that” after being disappointed or shocked by someone’s behavior? If you haven’t been listening to your body or ignoring it for to long than you may not know it as well as you think.

      * Do you really LIKE your body? Have you ever been around someone that you just tolerated and didn’t really like, but for some reason you still hang out with them? If you have ever looked in the mirror and not liked what was looking back at you or even worse were disgusted by it but have been tolerating it for too long – there is a good chance you don’t like your body. Beyond the superficial exterior what are your predominant thoughts about your body? Do you see only faults or are you able to enjoy and appreciate the amazing creation that is your body?

      * Can you TRUST your body? I had a friend once that I truly loved but I never trusted him to be there if I really needed him. And sure enough when I did need his help he was nowhere to be found. He was what we call a fair-weather friend. Is your body a fair-weather friend? Do you believe that your body will support you in the form of energy, strength and endurance to achieve whatever you put your mind to or will it let you down. Remember the saying “the mind was willing but the FLESH was weak.”

      Tom, dig deep for the answers to those Qs and then create an “intuitive” action plan for changing what needs to be changed so that you can get back in rapport with your body.

      Start with:
      1. Eliminating some if not all the crap you may be putting into your body. Eating junk tells your body you simply don’t care and sets it up to be UNABLE to support you when the time comes.
      2. Moving your body. Exercise in any way shape or form will begin to regenerate the energy producing cells of the body and brings your empowering chemicals of emotion back to life.
      3. Breathing. Take several CONSCIOUS deep breaths every day. Breath helps you get grounded and stimulates the brain and every cell. Most of us simply do not breath at anywhere near our capacity and as a result deprive the body of its number one resource.

      You and your amazing body deserve more. Get started right now Tom… it’s easy – take a deep breath, grab a big gulp of water and go out for a walk.

  3. Liz Litts   Reply

    Funny that I should here this right after Tai Chi class. Body and mind connection is one of the main things I have been learning in Tai chi.
    I also loved the part about not ‘deserving’ I was brought up in foster care and had a lot of that–being told that I did not deserve what the rest of the ‘normal” people got.
    Thanks for breaking through the B***S***

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      It’s fantastic that you are studding Tai Chi and that you are learning to really connect with your body. In many respects the cells of the body are at the emotional center of who we are at our core – and they don’t lie. Regardless of what you heard as a child you and I both know that somewhere deep down inside on a cellular level you knew even than that you not only deserve what “normal” people have but already have all of it… inside.

      Unfortunately like so many of us you also experienced the early emotional programming that convinced you of otherwise. I call it the “Great Misconception” – which is a decision or belief, based on our own interpretation of our early experiences, that we are anything less than MAGNIFICENT.

      The truth is stored in the cells of your body. Although we fully replace those cells every 12 months the new cells retain what was passed on via nature (the truth) and unfortunately even nurture (sometimes not such good stuff). By re-connecting with your body, honoring your physiology, and listening to its subtle communications you can begin to access the truth you have known (in your gut) all along. That along with a new decision about who you are and what you deserve in life will create the new truth paradigm that will, as you say, break through the old B***S***.