How To Turn a Vacation Into An Adventure

While visiting our regular Island paradise (Antigua) we decided to do a little more than just lay around the pool (which aint bad either) so we ventured out with some
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The Power of Audacious Goals

In this episode of my Muscle & Fitness: Max Mind Set, I talk about leaving the New Year's Resolution "BULLSHIT" at 2012's doorstep and invoking some real passion by setting
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The Children’s Hospital Race For Fetal Hope

I am an identical twin. My brother and I were fortunate to come into this world healthy, strong and without complication. There are however 800,000 reported pregnancies per year in the
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“Interpretation”: A Hot Commodity

It is not the event but how we INTERPRET the event that dictates the emotional state. It is not the experience itself but the MEANING we give it that will

Proof: You Can Have Strength at Any Age

2008 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Dawn and I have had the privilege for the past four years to witness some pretty incredible feats of strength from what most would consider, an