shady side of suncreensConsumer Reports recently tested 12 of the top selling brands of sunscreen products and found that the spray-on type of sunscreens tested best.

The top four performing spray-on formulas:

  • Target brand Up and Up Sport Continuous SPF 30
  • Walgreens Sport Continuous SPF 50
  • Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous SPF 30
  • Aveeno Continuous Protection SPF 50

Consumer Reports says all four products worked well even after a person soaked in water for 80 minutes. (Google: Consumer Reports sunscreen for a direct link)


This all sounds great… until you take it one step further and consider what you are actually putting on your skin.

Popular ingredients in non-mineral sunscreens are oxybenzone, octisalate and avobenzone, found in 60, 58, and 50 percent of all sunscreens on the market, respectively.

The most common, oxybenzone, can trigger allergic reactions, is a potential hormone disruptor and penetrates the skin in relatively large amounts.

Some experts caution that it should not be used on children. Three of every five sunscreens rated by EWG (Environmental Working Group) are non-mineral, and one in five sunscreens combines both mineral and non-mineral active ingredients.

I have had bouts with skin cancer — I take this stuff very seriously. Type in your products into the website including makeups, lip balms and lotions that contain sunscreens and find out how stable the formulation is, how safe it may be for your child and to what degree it can enter your body.

Shockingly amazing isn’t it?????????

–Looking out for the health of your body and mind!