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The Truth Is… There is Nothing Stopping You. Part 1 of 2

I was recently interviewed by Erik Rokeach of Fitness Business who called it “The Most important Interview He Has Ever Done.”

Part one of the 2 part series “How I went from bad ass biker to achievement expert” has been met with some controversy and a wide variety of opinions.

The question is was I overly forthcoming and transparent with my past during the interview?

Should we be concerned with how people will perceive or judge our past (or even who we are today as a result of that history) or should we strive be as authentic, honest and as transparent as possible?

There is certainly a risk to both… with that said I choose to stick with the truth and allow the chips to fall where they may.

Watch part I of the interview and let me know what you think.


Part II. The Science of Achievement – There is Nothing Stopping You


Tom TerwilligerThe Truth Is… There is Nothing Stopping You. Part 1 of 2


  1. Kathleen Gage   Reply

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Actually, it was your transparency that first attracted me to your information Tom. Granted, there will be people who don’t want to hear about “dirty laundry” but plenty more who will love you for it.

    Your truth is what I admire about you. You go dude!

  2. Kay Rice   Reply

    Awesome interview! In my opinion – you can never be TOO authentic as long as it is fueled by the right intention – service. Tom, you are awesome! As I watched the interview I had the thought I’d like for you to sit and have a conversation with my 20 year old son – whose dealing with some of the same issues that you did as a young adult. You are the best – keep putting yourself out there to help support people in changing their lives for the better! You are an awesome role model!!!

  3. Shawn Phillips   Reply


    Love this photo! Classic… man…

    and you are SOOOOO right.

    Love the interview… Erik is kicking it.. .and looking damn stoic too! 😉

    Rock on brother… I say let it all out!

    Peace, Strength,

  4. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

    It’s funny how at some point we are all just a little terrified of allowing our history as well as our true self to be seen by others. I guess we’ve all heard enough people perhaps even ourselves say “people don’t change” so that we believe that’s what they really believe.

    In some respects they are right “they don’t change” they EVOLVE. And with enough evolution they return to who they really are – at their core.

    No one is “rotten to the core” they only act that way on the surface. I was so deathly afraid back in my outlaw days of being seen for who I was and the possibility of being rejected that it was easier and a hell of a lot more fun to be a tough bad ass hiding from the world.

    I have to say I feel 1000 lbs lighter as a result of shedding that old crusty outer shell and giving myself permission to be who I am – good and not so good. And so will YOU.

    Thank you for supporting that truth.

  5. Rich Artichoker   Reply

    Hey Tom. Great Interview Man. I agree with the general consensus that the honesty and Openness about your past is what makes you so believable. one of the things that drew me to you, was The fact you are such an approachable guy. like a Tony Robbins. If I were to Bump into you at the Local bar or restaurant. I’d Feel comfortable saying Hi and thanking you for your work.

  6. linda costa beatrice   Reply

    I remember you on the harley…….great video Tom, brought back many memories.

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      Thank you Linda! Yeah, those were the days. Looking forward to looking back 30 years from now on today and saying the same thing!!!!
      Hope all is well with you.

  7. John Rowley   Reply

    Excellent interview Tom!!! Keep up the good work!!

  8. Rich Klein   Reply

    Great interview all around and agree with Linda …many memories from our Berner days. Be well and keep up your great work around the rules of achievement.