Rory Mcilroy SHREDS IT!

A PGA pro golf tournament might seem like an unlikely place to shoot a Max Mind Set video for Muscle and Fitness but when it comes to the subject of Mastery I can think of few places or sports better suited.

Rory Mcilroy SHREDS IT!

“Mastery is the possession of or display of great skill or technique – complete control of something.”

If you want to see skill, technique and control you’ll find it on the PGA tour golf course.

But if you’re a gym rat, heavy old school lifer to Cross Fitter what do you care about golf or even the idea of Mastery – you’re just trying to get shredded or huge right?

Wrong… getting shredded, cut, ripped or HUGE is the small picture…what we’re really after – is mastery of our own body.

Like a pro level golfer who is always seeking mastery of the game you’ll have to employ the same level mindset and overall strategy to achieve mastery of your game.

Players like Rory Mcilroy spend close to 10,000 hours or more perfecting their swing.

Not just by getting out there and slicing away at the ball hour after hour but through focused… intentional… practice over time.

This requires constant feedback and fine tuning. After all practicing something wrong is worse than not practicing at all.

While getting into the gym and working out may indeed burn some calories – if all you’re doing is blindly humping away at the weights you’re likely no closer to developing mastery then you were when you first picked up a dumbbell.

Real training and the acquiring of mastery demands:

1. Discipline

2. Focus

3. Feedback

4. Correction

5. Time

There are no shortcuts to reaching the level of a PGA pro or IFBB pro… and there are no short cuts to the mastery of your own body and mind.

Start today it could take the next 10,000 hours. Watch this video!

Tom Terwilliger | Achievement Mentor