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“How You Do Anything – Is How You Do Everything”

Jessi One of the phrases I use frequently in my talks and even in the coaching process is “How You Do Anything – Is How You Do Everything”

It’s one of my favorite expressions because – although we don’t like to believe it or admit it, if we half-ass the stuff we don’t want to do there is a very strong likelihood that we will also half-ass the important stuff too. Holding back, playing it safe, committing 50% or less becomes a habit that will show up just at those critical moments when you need to step up and give 100% without thinking about it… you know – “just do it!”

On the flip side of that coin – if we practice playing full out and giving 100% in the gym, on the job, in our relationships  we will find that we also give 100% in other areas of our lives even when the stakes are low. Playing full out takes commitment and practice. It also takes constant self observation.

Once we notice we’re holding back we have to train ourselves to flip the switch and instead of putting one toe in the water we dive head first with everything we have. That’s how winning us done.  No one ever regrets giving 100% even if they “fail”– what we do regret are the times we held back and failed as a result.

Start becoming aware of those times when you’re not putting as much effort forward as you could, when you hold back, or screwing around instead of living up to your commitment and realize at that moment that what you’re doing right then is what’s going to show up later on.  Or your unconscious self image will soon –  if it has not already – become that of someone who half asses his or her way through life… is that really you?

“No one ever regrets giving 100% even if they “fail”

What are your thoughts?



Tom Terwilliger“How You Do Anything – Is How You Do Everything”


  1. Drew Dellinger   Reply

    Yes. This is great, Tom. It reminds me of a statement be a great violinist. She said, “I never practice. I always play.”

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      True – I never workout – I am always in “training”

  2. Nash Cajee   Reply

    Absolutely Tom. I’ve been living by this declaration for the last few years, and at times when I catch myself doing something half a$$ed I remind myself, “How I do anything… is how I do everything.” And then I can’t help but wonder, if Im doing this part of my life at 50%… what other areas in my life am I playing at 50%. Like Don Miguel Ruiz says “Always do your best, no more than your best and no less than your best”. And even if you fail, you have the answer. I did my best.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      That’s the power of that simple statement -it makes you stop and think or as they say become consciously aware at that moment of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. If you stop before the finish line in one area of your life there’s a good chance you’re stopping short in others as well. By the way Nash – great reference to Don Miguel Ruiz – so right “Always do your best…” You simply can’t do better then that. Or can you?