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Accountability…Who Needs It?

Our success in life and on the playing field (whatever that field is for you) will depend in large part on our ability to identify our objective, commit to achieving it and our ability to keep ourselves accountable.

The truth is accountability and especially accountability partners can be a HUGE pain in the ass. But truthfully I know of very few of us including the greatest athletes in the world who have the discipline, presence of mind and sheer will power to keep themselves on track and accountable all the time – especially to those big audacious commitments.

We all slip now and then… but to keep us from slipping too far or repeating the same mistake twice we may need someone to call us on our shit when it shows up.

In this episode of Max Mind Set I address the issue of accountability and how without it we can easily fall off the commitment wagon.

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Tom TerwilligerAccountability…Who Needs It?


  1. Russ Drake   Reply

    It seems to me that if we do not tell someone or share our goals that they do not become real to us. Once we put it out there for all to see it takes on a different meaning…. Tell everyone, make it real and do it!

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      Russ, You make a good point. For many sharing the goal of objective with someone else is the first tangible action taken towards it’s achievement. But we shouldn’t overlook or dismiss Chris’s point… but rather examine whether or not sharing our goals in the past actually helped us achieve it or perhaps reduce the need to do so. Really only the results matter. Maybe we only think based on what we’ve read or heard that it’s suppose to help to be held accountable by someone else and as a result we think we have evidence that it does. But do we really?