Overcoming the fear of failure: “Make failure your goal?” Sounds crazy… I know.

Through my own experience and the study of countless great achievers I am convinced that we must learn to embrace the possibility of failing if we are going to succeed… and if we are going to succeed BIG we must get comfortable with the possibility of failing BIG and have the emotional ability to deal with it … not if, but when it shows up.

This program goes a step beyond even that broad and courageous thinking and suggests a new paradigm regarding failure. Like the radical treatment of claustrophobia by locking someone in a closet until they “get over it” this new paradigm will scramble your old beliefs and stir up some deeply engrained fears and beliefs around the very thing we fear most… failure.

Learn one of the most powerful and controversial strategies for eliminating the FEAR of FAILURE and how to break through to the success you deserve.

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