Are you aware that whatever you put into your body will affect not only how much, but how quickly you’ll age? Your Mother probably told you many times, “You are what you eat.” She was right!

Unfortunately, a lot of the food we gulp down nowadays is full of chemicals and this can lead to early aging. Do you remember how your grandmother always looked so young in pictures? Are you already beginning to get gray hair and you’re not even 50 yet? If so, you have no one to blame but yourself with your busy lifestyle and not-so-great food decisions. But don’t despair, there are some good foods that fight aging and we’ll explore five of them here.

Something’s Fishy

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy cell membranes, maintaining smooth skin and strong nails. Omega-3s also limit inflammation in the bloodstream, joints and tissues. Sure, you could take a supplement like Fish Oil because your body can’t make Omega-3, but it’s much tastier to eat two servings per week of fatty fish such as trout, mackerel, sardines, salmon or herring. Eating fish not only lowers the risk of you having a stroke or heart attack but also enhances brain and heart health.

It’s Easy Eating Green

When it comes to the impact of chemicals from the food in your body, the acid in green tea is more powerful than Vitamin C and that’s why many creams and anti-aging items have the extract of green tea in them. Aside from epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is the cause of green tea’s intense anti-aging qualities and having potent antioxidants, green tea assists with weight loss which is great because as you age you tend to gain more weight. Green tea also guards your body from dementia, heart diseases and cancer. So after every meal each day, enjoy a delicious cup of green tea to maintain your young, fabulous body and skin.

When you were a child, your Mother probably had to nag you about eating your vegetables—especially the green ones, right? You should’ve listened because green vegetables are loaded with Vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin which fight against eye problems such as decreased vision and cataracts. Magnificent anti-aging features can be found in green vegetables as well as tomatoes. Tomatoes have the potent antioxidant, lycopene, and the effects of chemicals in your body are largely decreased. Lycopene also shields your body from troubles relating to age such as heart disease, cancer and blood sugar instabilities. But don’t forget that a tomato is better when it’s cooked. It doesn’t just taste better, the heat from cooking releases five times more lycopene. So sit down and enjoy your tomatoes and green veggies!

A “Berry” Good Life

As the old saying goes, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” In actuality it’s berries that will keep your doctor away—specifically blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Berries contain anthocyanins. What are those? They’re antioxidants that wage war on cell break-down throughout your body. The more seeds a berry has and the darker it is in color, the better it is. Wild blueberries are better to eat because they normally have more health benefits. So the next time you want a snack, reach for…those berries!

Milk Does the Body Good

What did you drink as a kid? Did you drink milk three times a day or did you opt for that unhealthy soda? If your parents let you have that soda, they didn’t do you any favors! Milk is chalk full of calcium—this mineral is significant for growing and maintaining strong, healthy bones. The danger of developing bone degenerative diseases or osteoporosis will rise if you have a low bone density. There are a few dairy substitutes like fortified soy (as in soymilk), tofu, almonds, rice and almond drinks, fortified orange juices and leafy green veggies. Oh, and you should know that low bone density also makes you age faster—no one wants that!

Life Can Be Nuts

This may sound a little nuts—er, crazy, but you do need fat in your diet to keep your cells healthy and help your body digest vitamins. No, we’re not talking about the fat in Oreo cookies or a five scoop hot fudge Sundae; we mean good fats. Yes, there’s such a thing as good fats; they’re called monounsaturated fats. You can find these good fats in pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, ground flaxseed, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts. True, nuts contain a lot of calories, but the good fats will help you attain great hair, perfect skin and a healthy body. Adding nuts to your diet each day will improve heart health, relieve inflammation and enhance the activity in your brain—and we all know that keeping your mind young is just as important as keeping the rest of your body young!

You should make these five fantastic anti-aging foods a regular part of your daily diet. Doing so will assist you in remaining healthier and younger for many more years. Who knows? You could even live to see your great-great-grandchildren!