Have you ever done somethingCows or acted in a way that seemed completely out of character for who you are?

The other day I snapped at my wife for no real reason… NO REASON!

But there certainly was a cause.  I had not eaten in several hours and was running in high gear, fueled by zero food and way too much caffeine and for the moment my easy going personality was body snatched by some high octane asshole.

Poor nutrition and bad energy mapping can take a positive outlook on life, work and your body and spin it on its ear.

Sugar, wheat, caffeine, corn, dairy, bad fats and alcohol not to mention a toxic container full of other stuff your body may be sensitive or even allergic to can have a radical impact on your ability to lose weight, build muscle, feel strong and energized and maintain a positive disposition and it can radically alter your personality – or worse – it can destroy your workouts. NOOOOOOO!

Success requires a healthy positive mindset. Maintaining that mindset requires steady waters. If your energy and immune systems are all over the place during the day like some obnoxious kid jacked up on too much freaking sugar…

…at some point you are going to capsize and probably take someone else down with you.

Here are a few powerful tips for calming the waters and maintaining a healthy and steady personality and possibly saving your relationship:

1. Check in with your body and create rapport with it. If you listen closely it will tell you something isn’t right. But if you ignore it, it will slap you square in the kisser.

2. Journal your food intake and monitor your body’s reaction. You need to know what certain foods are doing to you.

3. Experiment with cutting one potentially negative food from your diet at a time.  Start with wheat, then dairy, then caffeine and so on and see how you body reacts after a week or so.  If it feels better stay the hell away from it in the future.

…you’ll be doing us all a favor!

Tom Terwilliger | Achievement Mentor

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