Have you ever struggled to find motivation for what you’re trying to do?

It can be tough and quite often frustrating to be out there on your own trying to achieve something challenging.

I want to share a secret with you today.  Actually it’s a secret component in the fitness success formula. And if you learn this secret, embrace it and maximize its potential you will never have to worry about motivation again.

Before I share the secret with you I should tell you that not everyone has the wherewithal to employ it… in fact the vast majority of fitness participants shy away from it for one reason or another and as a result feel alone, isolated and unsupported in the efforts.

Most of the people who do have this element working for them – put it into place inadvertently – that is without consciously knowing they are even doing so.

I call it[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size=”20″ color=”#373737″ ]IMMERSION![/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

Immersion has everything to do with embracing the culture of what you want to be successful at.

When I first started Body Building several years ago I almost immediately knew I wanted to be a champion… but it didn’t happen simply as a result of going to the gym and eating a little better.

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It wasn’t until I immersed myself in the culture of sport and became part of a Tribe you might say that the energy began to shift and the real results began to emerge.

The reason Cross Fit has caught on like a wild fire has a lot less to do with the actual workouts and more to do with the tribal influence of the Cross Fit culture.

Yoga is a phenom because its loyal practitioners feel like they are part of and contribute to a global culture.

Body builders, Figure and Physique athletes, Power lifters, Cyclers, Runners, Snow Boarders, MMA practitioners like Cross Fitters all have their own individual culture complete with a specific facilities, look, language and mindset.

If you want to stop searching for how to stay freaking motivated and start maximizing your results – pick an activity that aligns with those desired results and embrace the freaking culture not just the workout.

Be part of something bigger than you!

3 Tips for Total Immersion:

1. Read Everything you can get your hands and watch as many videos as you can about the related activity.  When I first started BB I read every issue of Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man I could find in addition to tons of books and other magazines

2. Gear Up. If you ever start MMA training you’ll hear it again and again “it’s all about the gear man”  – If it’s Yoga… for crying out loud pick up your own mat, if its cross fit don’t forget your special knee-high shin protecting black socks. You get the idea.

3. Become part of a TRIBE. Go to the same class or group training a few times and get to know your fellow suffers, introduce yourself, bring value, offer support, share your experience and become part of a group.

Ok the secret’s out… let’s see if you can put it to work for you.  Find a culture you can embrace and immerse yourself in success.

Also: Don’t be shy about leaving a comment or sharing with your social media groups… after all I want immersion too.  : )

Tom Terwilliger