It’s hard to believe it’s that time again. It’s time to enjoy the feast, the game, and the couch… oh and the family too. The traditional meal of course is the Turkey with all the fixings. And quite frankly I can’t wait to dive in and overdo it as I do every year.

Even though there are only two of us my wife went out and bought a 14 pounder. As I watched her loading the frozen butterball in to the refrigerator it dawned on me that of all the things I have to give thanks for, and there are many, I have never once stopped to thank the poor chubby little turkey who selflessly sacrificed its life for my enjoyment.¬† So as silly as it sounds I stopped for a moment patted the frozen bird on the back and said simply “thanks for being of service turkey, you’ve achieved your mission and purpose, happy Thanksgiving.”

My wife of course looked at me like I was nuts.

Then I got to thinking that the turkey was very fortunate in the sense that it¬† had fulfilled its life’s mission… it completed its purpose for being here.¬† Of course the turkey could have gone on to live an average life of turkey mediocrity and died comfortably of old age and I guess there is something to be said for that. But what of the glory and satisfaction of living and even dying for a more noble cause – a sense of mission and purpose. Perhaps one that serves (no pun intended) others at a higher level?

I thought to myself “we should all be as fortunate in knowing and fulfilling our life’s mission and purpose as that Thanksgiving turkey”.¬† And finally my thoughts raced to those men and women who are away from their homes this Thanksgiving in service of our freedom. Their sense of purpose which they are willing to sacrifice their lives for is our ability to choose, turkey or ham, god or no god, and to live free, and give thanks.

Thank You!