Muscle and Fitness Welcomes Tom Terwilliger

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If you’ve ever wanted to quit, give up or throw in the towel you’ll want to keep reading.

It’s hard to believe, but true – that the majority of people who actual pursue goals come within a few short feet, pounds, dollars or days of the finish line.

Getting started is tough enough but going the distance is another animal entirely.

If you don’t have a rock solid strategy or the mental, physical and emotional stamina to go all the way you could be doomed to experience disappointment after disappointment.

My 4 point strategy for going the distance:

Long Range Vision

This is the BIG picture, your “20 mile march.” What do you represent? How have you made a difference? What did you create? What is your legacy? What was the big audacious objective you either achieved or never gave up on? What do you want 5-10-20 years from now and why do you want it? Answer those questions than turn your answer into a purpose driven action oriented long term objective.

Short Term Goals

Like amino acids to protein your short term goals are the building blocks of your long term vision.   Creating strategic and incrementally challenging sub-goals like weekly lbs lost or miles gained towards the your final destination will help keep you accountable and moving forward one step or one giant leap at a time.

The Right Yardstick

Going the distance with your business, your body, your relationship or your finances without encountering overwhelming frustration or discouragement requires the ability to not only make but measure your progress. How do you know if you’re making progress? Come up with your personal or business yardstick, based on what others have already done to achieve what you want to achieve, or create one specific to your long term aim.  Then measure your progress against your short term goals at least once a quarter if not every week.

The Right Attitude

You are going to fail now and then, that’s a given; it’s how you handle that defeat as well as the victories that will make of break your long term success.  As a champion you can never settle for less than your best performance but you also have to recognize that a number of factors outside yourself had to come together to create and support that performance.  When it comes to attitude sometimes a very small adjustment can go a long way in correcting of trajectory.

You may be on target for success and moving at an impressive speed but if you wind up stopping before the finish line, well I guess you’ll just have to start over again somewhere else.

Tom Terwilliger

Muscle and Fitness Welcomes Tom TerwilligerSee all the MAX MIND SET Videos