persistence for goal achievement

If you’re regular reader of my blog, follow my videos or subscribe to any of my trainings it’s safe to assume you’re a little more ambitious than the average bear… maybe a lot more.

It’s also likely that you already know, If you want to climb to the top of your field in any endeavor, be it athletics or business you’ll need the energy and longevity provided by a truly healthy lifestyle.

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you have to be willing and able to minimize the unhealthy habits that take a toll on your health, energy and well-being.  A healthy lifestyle does not promise fast results, but rather results that will last a lifetime and increase your overall health, energy and well being.

A diet, for example is different from a healthy lifestyle, in the sense that a diet does not take into consideration the long-term, but rather focuses on short-term results.

A super low calorie diet (under 1200 kcals) could facilitate some immediate weight loss but it would be at the long term cost of precious calorie burning muscle.

An overall lifestyle change is more of a challenge than a diet, because it requires us to completely change our habits and focus on a bigger overall health picture rather than the immediate satisfaction of some short term outcome.

This is where persistence comes into play.


“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable
combination for success.”

~Napoleon Hill


TIME- Persistence gives us the time it takes to see the results of changing to a healthier lifestyle. Two visits to the gym, will not produce lean and ripped physique, but going to the gym consistently numerous times a week for a few months will go a long way in producing the transformation you’re looking for. Most people fall short when it comes to allowing enough time for the results to become visible and as a results wind up frustrated and stop before reaching the finish line…quite often within a few short feet, pounds or dollars.  Because it takes time to see the results, persistence does pay off.


STRUGGLES- Persistence is required to get over, under, around or through the struggles and hurdles that we ourselves throw in our own way. There will always be a plethora of anticipated and unanticipated temptations ready to take you off course. This can be a struggle for someone who generally gives in to unhealthy choices. With persistence and guided by a long term objective even the occasional transgressions winds up amounting  to nothing more than an opportunity to recommit and continue forward.


SETBACKS- Changing your  lifestyle can be an emotional time, and you’re guaranteed some setbacks. Emotions run high, especially if the sacrifices are great and the results are not happening as quickly as expected. By recognizing setbacks as par for the course you can persist through any emotional discouragement that may initially well up as a result of those setbacks.  Goals are created to encourage not discourage… but you must have the proper and persistent mindset to maximize they’re potential.


CONFIDENCE- Taking on a radical or even subtle lifestyle change will require unyielding and persistent confidence. When working hard to be healthier, you must be confident that you deserve the reward of optimum health and everything that comes with it.  You must believe in your ability to summon your inner strength or risk setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. With persistence your confidence and self belief will grow stronger every time you overcome an obstacle, push past the struggle and reaffirm your commitment following a setback.


Don’t let anyone convince you that changing your lifestyle is not hard work or that it’s not emotionally as well as physically challenging. Because it freaking is! However, it is well worth it.  Persistence will give you the power to be able to change your life, your overall health and even you… if you want.  I would recommend remaining exactly who you are but with a few updates and or improvements.

Tom Terwilliger



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