Have you ever set a goal or “resolution” for yourself than found yourself 6 months later wondering what happened? I’ve done it! A few years ago on New Year’s Eve I said I was going to “double my income in the next 12 months” only to find myself 6 months later making even less money than I did the previous first half… what da hell?

I did three things after that startling revelation that helped me turn it around so I was able to achieve my financial goal even with only 6 months of the year remaining.  Click Here Now

1. I started measuring my progress. Could you imagine setting a weight goal, say 25 pounds in 90 days and never ever checked your progress. You just jumped on the scale after the 90 days were up. What do you think you would find? I guarantee you wouldn’t find the full 25 pound gone. You would be lucky to find 5 or 10.

2. I sought out information. I needed to know something more than I already knew if I were going to achieve my already failing financial goal. Try to imagine training for a triathlon not knowing how. Using only your old training tools…none of which would prepare you to swim, bike, and run.

3. I got coaching. I knew that if I were going to make it happen in just 6 months I was going to need someone to keep me accountable and to push my ass hard. If I said I was going to do something and the success of my goal depended on it I needed someone to get on my shit if I was showing any signs of slacking at all.  Click Here Now

Those three things made the difference and I was able to achieve in only 6 months what I had given myself a full 12 months to achieve. If you’ve suddenly found yourself in July and sweating not because of the heat but because your way behind in achieving what you said you would this year…don’t fret! You’re not alone! And I have some help for you. My good friends Jeremy and Alissa Nelms have pulled out all the stops in an effort to get your ass moving.

Because they know that what I just described is not an isolated incident and that you’re are not alone in falling behind on achieving you’re desired outcome they have brought together 25 of the world’s leading experts, coaches, and motivators in the area’s of weight loss, wealth development, and even romance. And I am honored to be one of them.

Just last night Jeremy interviewed me over the phone on the subject of “Inner Confidence” and how it applies to all the area’s this series will cover. He’ll be releasing that interview sometime early in the series as a foundation for everything else that follows.

Take a few minutes and check it out at Click Here Now and register…FREE. Get the new ideas, the coaching, and start keeping yourself accountable and what some magic happen in just 180 days.