leadershipYears ago, Dale Carnegie published a list of rules for leadership based on his well-known book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And yet some people are still under the century old illusion that leadership is about dominating others in some way, or imposing their will on others whether by power or control.

The common power struggles that take place in many of today’s business and work environments is evidence that leadership is being misconstrued as being the ability to make others do what we want, when in reality a good leader is someone who inspires motivation (the desire to act) in others.

What may surprise many people in today’s post modern world is that the old masters (Dale Carnegie) approach to leadership, which is focused on appreciation and respect for others is more valid today then it ever has been.

Here are a few leadership tidbits based on Carnegie’s rules. They can be employed by anyone in any area of life– not just the work environment:


A good leader is someone who regularly expresses appreciation for others. Great leaders give honest feedback – especially when somebody has done something well. If people know that their efforts are appreciated, they will be more engaged and will more likely be willing to finish future projects.



Instead of making demands, a good leader makes requests by asking questions. This is an empowering approach to leadership, as it gives others the opportunity to say “yes” to the request, rather than feeling POWERLESS and as if they are obligated to complete a task… even of they are.



When people make mistakes, good leaders are quick to offer solutions rather than criticism. Hearing criticism causes people to feel attacked, and they will typically shut down. Providing suggested solutions is a great way to inspire people to try again, as well as to reassure them that you are confident in their abilities.

Acknowledging others and treating people with respect and dignity are the corner stone of great leadership. Put these principles into action in your life and business while simultaneously earning peoples respect through your words and deeds and watch other peoples contribution to your success soar.

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Tom Terwilliger



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