There may be several motivators for wanting change in your life.

Not all goals and desires are driven by the same thing. Some may be driven by your conscious desires or wants and likely go beyond your survival needs for food, shelter, a sense of security and, I dare say, sex.

Our conscious desires are the things we want, the things that add joy, pride, or fun to our lives. They are the things that better us or keep us from getting any worse off -the new car, new home, abundant bank account, and our soul mate.

On the other hand, one of the great motivators for many of us may be a distain, or dissatisfaction for what we are already experiencing in our life a painful relationship, lousy job, or the feeling of scarcity. Assuming you are just standing still – You are always either moving toward something you desire or moving away from something you no longer want in your life. Quite often, which direction you are moving is only a matter of perspective or how we frame it. The goal of finding a new job or pursuing a new career, for example, could be based on one of two perspectives:

1. You can be moving toward a new job with better pay and more benefits.
2. Or you can be moving away from a crappy, dead-end job with little pay and no bennies

Sometimes you can even do both. You can simultaneously be moving toward something you want or desire and, at the same time, be moving away from something you fear or dislike. Too often, however you’re not moving at all.

So the question is are you living in the energy of scarcity while struggling to move away from something you can no longer tolerate in your life.

Or have you clearly identified what you do want – not just what you don’t and are you moving towards it with a sense of abundance and certainty.

The answer to that question will in many respects determine your outcome and how much you enjoy and appreciate the result.

What are your thoughts?


The Achievement Mentor