How BIG a game did you play in 2011?

Chances are, like your neighbors up the street and millions of other people, you were directed less by a sense of desire and ambition and more by a need for survival.  As a collective we contracted last year like we have for the past 3 years and as a result we experienced very little GROWTH… personally or collectively.

Can you even remember  the goals or “resolutions”  you set for yourself last year… more importantly did you achieve them?

Perhaps you did. Maybe you stopped smoking, gave up the booze, started a diet, asked your boss for a raise or read a book a month. If so – bravo. But the odds are you either didn’t set any goals or don’t even remember your goals.

And there’s an even greater likelihood  that if you did set some goals, like the ones I mentioned above, you didn’t come close to achieving them.


It’s simple,  those objectives aren’t ambitious enough to invoke even the slightest bit of excitement much less passion

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