We know exercise is good for us and we’ve all heard about the benefits- from reduced risk of disease and obesity to how it can make us feel really good. But it’s not always enough to get us up off the couch and moving. Sometimes we need more… right?

There’s an interesting saying- “we’ll do more for others then we will for ourselves.” Is that true? Would you run into a burning building to grab a suitcase with $100,000 in it. Maybe maybe not. But what if a child was in there or someone you loved? What you even think twice? Unlikely.

Caring about and wanting to support others can get us doing things we otherwise wouldn’t do for ourselves. The contestants on the Biggest Loser for example will often find the motivation they need to persevere in knowing how their transformation will impact their families or loved ones.

On June 5th (National Cancer Survivor Day) that motivation can be seen in an inspiring way as literally tens of thousands of people nationwide lace up their running/walking shoes and pound the pavement in support of the cancer survives and their families and to help others win the battle.

I hope you’ll get up and move and show your support by joining me and hundreds of other physical philanthropists at the Exempla Lutheran Medical Center in Lakewood, Colorado for the LEAVES of HOPE 5k run/walk on June 5, 2011 or wherever a National Cancer Survivor Day event is taking place in your community. It may be all the motivation you need to run or even walk your first or next 5k.

An Inspiring Walk with Mr. America in Support of Health, Fitness and Others.