The power and reach of Facebook as we already know seems to be just about endless. We can literally reach out and touch a perfect stranger or be touched by a perfect stranger form the other side of the world.

I received the below message in my Facebook messages not long ago and at first I was leery and suspect… as you know there are also a lot of less than desirable even sleazy characters out there that also want to reach out and touch someone. But after a little looking into I felt compelled to reply.


The Message:

“Hi Tom, I’m xxxx xxxxxx and I live Indonesia. Well, we never meet each other of course, and I always wondering about how come you get such a great body, I mean that’s an amazing body you have there you know. For me, If I have that kind of body, I’ll be very proud to myself. To achieve such a great body it’s already a big step for me in my life, I mean I’ve got no confident too much to stand outside. So, I think if I send you a message, at least you can help me a little.”


xxxx xxxxxx


Hi xxxxx,

I appreciate your very sincere and flattering message. I have never been to Indonesia but I love your culture and I have had the opportunity to study your martial arts Silat. Do you study?

Regarding your body and confidence. Building an athletic body or becoming a bodybuilder is indeed something you should and would be proud of… however you should also be proud of who you are regardless.

During my early years of Kung Fu training I learned that pride in many respects is the enemy and humility is the goal. Being humble and Confident is a magical combination. If for some reason your body r physical self image is reducing your confidence than you should work on changing that.

There are all sorts of ways to build the body but the fasted way is through progressive resistance or weight training and healthy and abundant eating.

If you can get a hold of them there are several great books on the subject – like Shawn Phillips, Strength For Life. When I first started training a spent countless hours reading and learning about training techniques and methods. I would than apply what I learned in the gym or in my basement using some home made exercise equipment. You can do exactly the same thing.

Do you have a gym or athletic club that you can afford to join near by? If so I’m sure they have some one there who can give you some basic training instructions to get you started.

You can also look up some of the “Body Weight” exercise and workout programs on YouTube and get started there as well. In any case, it will take time and discipline to build the body you want. Be patient and keep at it no matter what and it will happen.

But the best advice I can give you is when you look in the mirror mentally direct your body to change but reward what you already have with gratitude and humility.

Good luck and stay in touch xxxxx,



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Do you reply to your compelling Facebook messages?