mens-room.jpgYou never know who you are going to run into in the restroom!

I know this is a little silly but a few weeks ago while I was co-hosting the Extreme Health event in Irvine, California I ran into three really cool people while in the men′s room.  Now I know it′s an unwritten rule that you never talk to anyone while standing at the urinal although it has happened to me.  Don′t do it!!! (ladies this might not apply)

So let me make this perfectly clearI was at the sink washing my hands when I ran into both Bill Phillips and John Gray (John is also the keynote speaker at IDEA World in July). The third person I met I had no clue who he was when we first said hi.  But as we were washing up we had a very casual conversation about the event and

all the cool people we had ran into in the men′s room, what do ya know?!  His name is Mark Romero and he never mentioned that he was one of our speakers. 

The fact is he was not only one of our speakers but also the entertainment. And without bias he was absolutely freaking awesome.

mark-romero.jpgHe not only¬†¬†taught me and the participants about the importance of “music” in harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain and how that can have a profound effect on athletic performance, but he also played an amazing acoustic guitar.¬†¬†As a presenter he would talk on the subject for a few minutes and then he would play.¬†

I found myself closing my eyes and letting my mind drift into an almost hypnotic state when he was playing.  When he would start talking again it was as if my mind had been opened and the information was just pouring in and being absorbed like a roll of Bounty would absorb a spill.  When you harmonize both the analytical and the creative sides of the brain something magical happens.  You are able to simultaneously access internal resources both mentally and physically that would have been nearly impossible to access before.   

Read more about brain harmonizing and music in tomorrow’s post

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