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The Accountability Survey Results

Accountability…Who Needs It?

We surveyed 32 random people regarding the importance or unimportance of accountability in the achievement of a goal or objective.

The results clearly indicate that the vast majority of people surveyed either have experienced positive results with, or believe that having someone (mentor, coach, partner) keep them accountable to what they say they are going to do or achieve will or has helped them achieve the desired or stated outcome.

This runs counter to much of the anecdotal and empirical evidence suggesting that sharing your goal with someone else can, as a result of the immediate gratification of sharing the goal, actuality reduce motivation and the likelihood of achieving it.

Below are the actual Survey questions and results



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Tom TerwilligerThe Accountability Survey Results


  1. Chris Johnson   Reply

    I’ll weight in eventually.

    You are in it alone. You can’t lean on anyone. You have to do what you have to do. And accountability creates a release valve. An excuse, “my accountability partner screwed up, so I’m not going to do it.”

    I have had accountability partners.

    Then, I decided to fire them, keep my own counsel. I’ll never convince you of this, I don’t suspect, but the sooner people realize that they are in the fight alone, the sooner that they can grasp reality and act accordingly.

    1. Tom Terwilliger   Reply

      Chris, I completely see your point and have my own experiences with shitty ass training partners, coaches and accountability partners and admittedly it even put a dent in my determination to complete the chosen task. My experience however in the world of athletics is that for every one bad partner I had two that would gladly, diligently and even relentlessly hold my feet to the fire and thank goodness they did. Without sounding to pompus I would quote the familiar words of John Donne “No man is an island.” For every man or women who has ever said “my accountability partner screwed up, so I’m not going to do it.” There are 100 who have said “I can’t do this alone” The sooner we all realize that we’re not in the fight alone the sooner the fight will get easier and more achievable.

      I truly appreciate your perspective Chris and for sharing it without reservation. You’re awesome.