The Leadership of Fitness – Interview With Lee Labrada

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. The interview we did for this weeks 911 call is a testament to that. On this weeks 911 Fitness call Jim and I had the opportunity to speak with a true legend in both the body building and business communities – Lee Labrada.  Lee is a former pro body builder with countless amateurs and pro titles under his belt. He is also the founder/owner of Labrada Nutrition one of the most successful nutrition supplement companies on the planet.

Along with his insightful and experienced training and nutrition strategies for long term success, Lee also shares with our listeners his 5 basic leadership tenants.

Lee’s 5 key leadership tenets:

1. Personal responsibility

2. Responsibility to and for others

3. Supporting others in their growth

4. Commitment to ones mission and goals

5. Flexibility

Listen to the interview below. (It may take a few moments for the audio to load- be patient)