news-paper-clip.jpgA friend of mine presented me with a news clipping from the Denver Daily News yesterday which had within it a quote from a noted fitness expert regarding the recent study on the collective rise of obesity in America.

He had a pretty good chuckle as he read part of the quote to me, “The best thing people can do to fight obesity is to stay fit.” no shit, he said.

And indeed it certainly doesn’t take a “expert” to know that. But here’s the thing the truth in the simplicity of that statement cannot be denied. Why should it take volumes of written information and billions of dollars in pharmaceuticals, and medical procedures to put that fact into practice.

Yes, it doesn’t take an expert to know the formula so the real question becomes why are we as a nation not following it?

Well let me ask you this how do you know when you really know something? It is my experience that you only really know something when you put it into practice when you do it. If all the majority of American have done is read or heard about it and have not introduced it to the cells of their body through the actual doing of it it’s no wonder they don’t know it yet!

If people really knew the truth in that quote on a cellular level they would be far more compelled to act upon it. Perhaps a shift in our collective motivation psychology from avoiding or “fighting obesity” to achieving and staying fit may help in becoming at least a little more acquainted with the truth although we may not fully “know it” yet.

But what the hell do I know? After all I was the “expert” being quoted in the paper.

You tell me what can we do to change the direction obesity is going in this country or should I say fitness is not going.