Every now and then you happen to meet someone, who you may not realize at that moment but will have a profound impact on your life. A few years ago when I was working with Harv Eker at Peak Potentials I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a gentleman (and I mean that in every sense of the word) who would later become a very dear friend.

What I did  know at that time was that Stewart Welch was one of the countries most brilliant financial minds and the owner of the prestigious Welch Group Financial Services and the author of The Complete Idiots Guide To Getting Rich and several other books on the subject.

What I didn’t know was that Stewart was also a rabid fitness enthusiast and personal development trainer who had already changed the lives of millions through his practice and philosophy.

What you’ll read bellow is one of his¬†success strategies¬†that has had a massive impact on my life and the energy I bring to and from each day.¬† I hope it has the same impact on your life.

“To become a master of change and to perfect my attitude, I thought it was only necessary to look ‚Äòinward’. And looking inward is necessary. While looking inward, I discovered that to truly become a master of oneself, you must also reach ‚Äòoutward’. In doing so I developed a strategy I call The Power of 3¬≤ (3 squared) + 3, which has transformed my life forever. My prayer is that you’ll commit to trying this for one week‚Ķand that it will transform your life as well.” ~ ¬†Stewart Welch, III

Here’s the simple Formula:

1. List 3 blessings Before rising each day, take a moment to list 3 things that you are grateful for. What you focus on in your life will expand; therefore takes some time each day to remember the things in your life you are grateful for.

2. List 3 daily actions Before starting your day, list the 3 most important things you need to accomplish this day. At least one of those actions must be focused on one of your predetermined intentions (goals). Don’t end your day until all 3 are done.Be clear about your intentions, and then take action. The universe rewards action.

3. Uplift 3 people Commit to encouraging 3 people in a very specific way each day. You’ll know you achieved it when you see their life ‚Äòlight up’ in their eyes.

4.Celebrate 3 successes At the end of your day, identify and celebrate three ‚Äòwins’ (positive results) for your day.

Tip: Maintaining a log book is a great way to record your successes and will serve a powerful reminder of all the good you have done when you get a little down.¬†¬† To¬†gain access to the Power of 32 + 3 Journal and learn how…

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