For the greater part of my personal and professional life (especially early on), I struggled with believing that I should be further along, achieving more, accomplishing more, experiencing more.

But it wasn’t until I let go of needing more that more presented itself.

Later, I studied and sought to identify why others weren’t further along, achieving more, accomplishing more, experiencing more. I now realize as a result of my own struggle and struggle of others that you must first “let go” before you can receive.

When I say “let go” I mean…

  • let go of the need – not the ambition,
  • let go of identity validation through possessions and praise – not achievement,
  • let go of the wants and desires – not the pursuit of magnificence,
  • let go of the identity and the ego – not the higher values that make you who you really are,
  • let go of the the form. As Bruce Lee once said, “Become formless.”

This knowledge, as profound as it is, is only knowledge. The practice, is the work of a lifetime. Its mastery, is all but impossible but well worth the pursuit.

It starts with identifying what you are holding onto… that may be holding you back from receiving.

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A profound scene from the movie Peaceful Warrior illustrating the power of identity and how we will do almost anything to hold on to it including the taking of our own life… if it is threatened or taken away.