There’s a saying…

How you do anything is how you do everything”

When I was pursuing my athletic career my coach once told me he could always tell who had the real potential to go all the way to be a great champion and make it to the top.

It had nothing to do with genetics or even who trained the hardest. But rather it had everything to do with everything.

How a man conducted his life off the playing field in the real world is the true indicator of championship stock.

My coach knew and I quickly found out that if someone gives 100% to everything they do including the small seemingly inconsequential details if they play full out even when the stakes are low or meaningless to someone else.

If they give 100% even when no one else is watching; they quickly develop the empowering habit and championship attribute of expecting 100% from themselves at that moment of truth when everything is on the line to them there is no other way.