planningIf you’ve been working, striving and planning for IT and IT still has not shown up yet, I have a potential epiphany for you.

You and I both know that wishing, hoping, and waiting and for some unexplainable reason even “hard work” won’t always bring into your life more of anything except disappointment and frustration.

It’s about making space.

I’m betting, like most of us you have a junk drawer, garage, spare bedroom, attic or hard drive that is overflowing with crap you should have thrown out or deleted months or years ago.

Remember the time you tried to jam one more thing into that old junk drawer or overflowing garage but couldn’t without first disposing of something that’s been taking up space for a decade or more or finally cleaning out the entire thing.

If you’ve had that experience you already know what you need to do to– attract more (–fill in the blank–) into your life.

Now before I go any further let me say…
I know this is going to sound a little
“Woo-Wooie” but I am going to risk my
reputation to share it with you anyway
because it’s that important.

Two significant opportunities have recently been presented to me.

First I was recently offered the opportunity to write my own “motivation/mind set” column for a major publication with a subscribership of over 6 million readers.

Shortly after that I was contacted by a major government organization about partnering with them on the creation of a new leadership training program.

The reason I share this with you is because both opportunities presented themselves immediately on the heels of a major clean out and creation of space.

The column opportunity, and I know this might sound more like coincidence than quantum physics, presented itself the day after cleaning out of my garage which had become a safe haven for just about every piece of junk I’ve ever owned dating back as far as 1985.

The garage “issue” as my wife was calling it had not only gotten out of hand physically and visually but had been occupying a great deal of my unconscious energy and mental space for some time.

Every time I looked out there or tried to park my car I would get pissed off.

I knew the job had to get done and every day I put it off was an energy drain.

The moment I finished cleaning out all the crap and opening the space I felt a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment as if a room in my mind had been cleared and was now ready for new occupancy.

The second clean out was the emotionally difficult task of discarding dozens of my old body building trophies that had been collecting dust for years.

Although it’s important and even gratifying to recognize and acknowledge past accomplishments holding on to the trappings of the past can do exactly that… keep us trapped in the past.  Not only were my plastic chrome and gold symbols of past achievement cluttering up my physical space they were actually pacifying my ambition to achieve and receive more.   

Within 48 hours of my decision to let go of the old and make room for the new the 2nd big opportunity presented itself.

The quantum physics of this concept of “opening space” has to do the energy flow.  If we want and expect “more” we must either open or expand the container so that we are ready and able to receive more.

The good old common sense of it, well that’s simple and has already been mentioned out with the old to make room for the new.”

Physically, mentally, emotionally what do you need to clean out to make some space?

Tom Terwilliger

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