Obviously beating a child is NEVER a good idea! Yet, we think nothing of beating ourselves up physically and emotional all the time. Deep below the surface on the cellular level is where our unconscious mind resides. You created it when you were a child and in many respects, a child it remains.

Body Rapport is to know, like and trust yourself; to consciously strengthen your mind body connection.

You Can Dish It Out – But You Can’t Take It

Because our body is our unconscious mind  when we mistreat it, abuse it, or ignore it we send a very bad message – “I’m not worth it.”  That message resonates through our entire being and disconnects us from our body.

It’s hard to be heroic when you’re not supported by your body or your unconscious mind.

After all you wouldn’t buy a car or a house from someone you didn’t like or trust. So why would you buy “We can be great..take the leap” from someone (yourself) you have no rapport with?

You wouldn’t!

How you lose trust and rapport with your body:

  • Eating poorly: Junk food, alcohol and food with low nutritional value poisons every cell of your body. Lack of nourishment damages and cuts you off from your physical support system.
  • Lack of movement: Oxygen and movement strengthen the cells of your body. It’s absence makes them week, vulnerable and unable to support your dreams.
  • Self criticism: Like constantly scolding a child just for being a child will make them self conscious and withdrawn. It will do the same to you.
  • Not listening: Your body is always talking to you. “I need water – I need movement – I need nourishment – I’m hurt, I’m tired, I’m scared!”  The ramifications of ignoring your body’s messages can be sever. Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease and on and on.

Start honoring the biggest part of you by redeveloping rapport with your body.


The plan is simple. Look at the list above and do the opposite. Before it’s too late.

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