How accurate do you think you are at forecasting your own future?

I visited the Doomsday Expo. You heard me right the “Doomsday Expo” and I was surrounded by people who have a high level of certainty about the future… not just their future but yours and mine too. And they’re preparing for the worst.

We all have our own personal bias when it comes to our future. Some of us are optimistic while others are quite a bit more pessimistic.

Optimism and pessimism aren’t just, “glass half full, glass half empty” clichés their very real and different mindsets.

One is about gaining, growth or obtaining pleasure while the other is about not losing, or avoiding pain.

Although both the optimist and the pessimist may be on the same path and moving in the same direction, one is moving towards something while the other is moving away from something and the eventual outcomes may be very different.


For Example:


Let’s just say you enter the gym with a growth (or optimistic) mindset. Your goal is to get in the best shape you can and give 100% to your workout, go for it and not worry about what happens. If you get injured, you get injured. What the hell.


Or maybe you enter the gym a little less optimistic. Your goal is to stop being fat and out of shape or never let yourself go back in that direction. You want to train hard but you first priority is to avoid injury.



The best mindset is the mindset that gets you to take action (in or out of the gym). The reality of it is, quite often we will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure.

“Action expresses priorities.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

The people at the Doomsday Expo would likely see us “optimists” as fools with our heads buried in the sand and blinded to the reality of eventual pain in our future by a desire for immediate pleasure.

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