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If there is one thing MMA fighters understand it’s that if you want to win you had better enter the ring with an attack mindset.

In the ring there’s no place to hide, and if you’re intention is simply to survive – well then you’ve already lost.

In the gym and in many respects life you have the same three choices…

Hide, Survive or Attack.

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If you’re a Hider you already know the best way to hide from your workout is to simply stay at home, but it’s not the only way to hide.

Chatting on your cell, texting, daydreaming or turning an otherwise productive 60 minutes into useless gab session with someone else who’s also hiding are common tactics of the pot-bellied shadow dwellers.


Almost as unproductive as the Hiders are the unprepared, semi-committed hordes of workout Survivors. I call them the “also rans” and it’s their slow-moving ass that stands between me and the smith machine.

Their primary strategy is to do as little as possible with as little enthusiasm as they can muster. They’re there because they have to be not because they choose to be.

They skip sets, short change the number or reps and rest as often as possible. The water fountain on the other side of the room is their best friend and the sweat towel their poser attire.

Unlike the Hiders however who can chew the ear of the front desk attendee for hours at a time the Survivors never seem to have enough time to finish their entire session.

Survival is the goal and completing an extra 10 minutes of core training simply does not fit into that plan.


Then there are the warriors. The warriors are there with blades sharpened, bodies fueled and minds prepared to attack whatever stands between them and their objective.

What is the objective? RESULTS plain and simple!

They don’t hide, they aren’t there to survive and they would rather be crushed by the weight of the squat bar than surrender.

3 Strategies to Enter the Gym and Life as a Warrior:

1. Have a plan in place: Know what the hell you’re going to do before you arrive on the battle field. What body parts are you training? What exercises and what program are you implementing?

2. Prepare your weapons in advance: A warrior fuels his or her body in preparation for the attack (not eating for hours in advance and fueling only on caffeine is a sure-fire way to wind up in desperate survival mode.)

3. Adapt a kill or be killed mindset: That pot belly and jelly roll ass is killing you and it’s time to take back your power. It’s you versus fat, flab, and poor self-esteem and only you get to decide who will be victorious

Anyone with enough motivation can go on the attack and anyone can be a warrior including you.
Tom Terwilliger | Achievement Mentor



Muscle and Fitness Welcomes Tom TerwilligerSee all the MAX MIND SET Videos