So what is your “Success Thermostat?”

Like the well known and much talked about “metabolic thermostat” which keeps most people stuck a certain body weight via a very definite and stubborn set point – you have an internal success thermostat with a specific set point that is likely keeping you stuck at a familiar and “comfortable” level in your relationship, business, money, and ability to achieve your full potential.

How do you know if you have a set point in some area of your life? Simple, look at your results. If you’ve been at the same level of income, level of fitness and health, or in and out of unsatisfying relationships – it is very likely your internal thermostat has been determined and set in that area.

For years I seemed to be stuck at a $40,000 a year income level and no matter how much my skill level and credentials grew my income stayed roughly the same. Then I learned that $40 G was almost exactly what my dad earned while raising 6 kids. He was my model for how it was done and evidently that was how I set my success thermostat to do it.

PROBLEM: Just knowing your set point has been predetermined is simply not enough to change it. Think about it. Most people who have been overweight for years KNOW THEIR OVERWEIGHT but knowing does not change anything… other than adding to the frustration? NO!

What you need to know is how you created this set-point for yourself and more importantly how can you “re-set” it to achieve whatever you want in life?

Let me explain how it works – Re-Set It NOW

Then let me know what you think.