Next time someone says, “Go Take a Flying Leap.”¬† You should thank them!¬†

There’s so much talk today about “taking the next step” or “going to the next level” that I’m tired of hearing about it. The truth is I have never gotten from where I was to where I wanted to be by taking some small step.

Granted every journey does begin with the first step… but for pete’s sake do you know how many small steps it takes to go from being broke to rich, from miserable to happy, from hopeless to triumphant? The truth is I don’t want to find out… I already l know it’s too many. I’ve taken thousands of small steps in my life that didn’t lead where I wanted to go.

But it took a giant LEAP to get to where I am today. To make a radical change or a quantum shift it takes a giant leap of faith. A young man telling his girl he loves her for the first time, an athlete pushing his or her body to the brink of disaster to achieve what “can’t be achieved”, a battered or abused wife finally leaving her abuser. All those things take a leap of faith, all of them take courage, and all of them lead to a better more fulfilling life.¬† (SHARE YOUR STORY)

My guess is that you are also ready for that giant LEAP in your own life.

If you’re tired of taking one step at a time only to find your true happiness has moved 3 steps further away then join me, Tom Terwilliger¬†and warrior trainer, Aaron Huey for a life changing¬†event that will have you ready to trade in that long slow march to who knows where for one giant LEAP to success and the life you deserve. Go to Experience the LEAP and register… it’s FREE.