olympic-medal.jpgWe hear about the importance of leadership and being a good leader all the time… but what does that really mean in today’s challanging and economically tough times?

Are you a good or even great leader?

Or could you improve your leadership skills?

What leadership skill do you need as a fitness professional?

Can you acquire those kills or do you need to be born with them? If you’re anything like me and several million other people you’ve been glued to the TV this week watching in amazement the spectacular levels of athleticism our fellow human beings are capable of.

If so, you are watching a form of leadership that models what’s possible and inspires action. Witnessing a young women of only 16 push her body to the limit while displaying owe inspiring levels of courage in the face of disappointment touches a part of us that goes well beyond the emotional stimuli of Monday Night Football.

Having the opportunity to watch history in the making as Michael Phelps swims his way to more gold then Mr. T would ever dare to dream of has challenged me do more and be more– to manifest my leadership role in a way that inspires others to get up off the couch and move. Not because they have to but because they want to.

Someone who has captured the gold in the area of personal training, inspiring others and leadership is IDEA and ACE personal Trainer of the Year Todd Durkin. He is arguably one the top leaders in the fitness industry today. Named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States and top 5 in Southern California by Men’s Journal, Todd owns and directs Fitness Quest 10, a premier, cutting-edge center for Health & Human Performance in San Diego, CA. He’s also a former professional football quarterback and works with dozens of elite NFL, MLB, and professional athletes- Todd is my guest on this week’s Access to Fitness Experts Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.


You’ll not only have an opportunity to listen in as I talk with Todd about leadership, the future of personal training, opening and more importantly running a successful training facility and a lot more, but you also get to ask any question you want and have it answered by someone who is where we all want to be.

Couple this week’s inspiration and motivation with a real understanding of what it takes to lead in our industry. Take one hour away from the Olympics this Thursday to improve your skills in the field…I guarantee you’ll be inspired at a whole new level.