nikolai-valuev-wba-hw-champ.jpgLet’s face it, getting fit takes some effort.¬† But getting into peak condition, shredded, or cut is an entirely different animal.¬† Comparing the two is like comparing going out for a jog to running a marathon.

Getting fit requires discipline and desire while getting into peak condition takes both of those as well as grit, determination, single-mindedness, and the ability to push past the pain barrier. 

Getting fit requires desire while the getting into peak condition requires heart.

Getting fit can be a fight.  Getting shredded is a battle.

A fight can go as long as 15 rounds and is fueled by a desire to win.¬† A battle is a “must win” that can last months or years.¬† Your fitness goal and current condition will determine whether you are facing a fight or a battle.¬†¬†

design-future.pngTake a look in the mirror and compare what you see with the image you have in your mind of what you want to look like.  How large the gap is between the two will give you some indication whether you will need to pull out a pair of 12oz gloves or a Howletzer.

Other factors might include:

  • your support system
  • coaching
  • your own level of desire
  • ability to apply discipline

If you are going into a battle, the most important thing is to have a plan.  You must be prepared.  Part of that planning is recognizing or predicting in advance the obstacle and challenges you are very likely to face along the way.

There’s an old saying, “Never show up to a gunfight with a knife.”¬† Meaning if your fitness goal will require six months or more of effort and your only anticipating 12 weeks to a total transformation you may wind up a little disappointed.

If your going into a fight, a true desire to win may be enough to carry you to victory.¬† If your going into battle you need to be armed with more than desire.¬† Victory has to be more than a could, would, or should… it has to be a MUST.

A good success strategy begins with matching your goal or objective to your level of desire.  If your desire to be more fit is at a level 4 and you take on a goal that requires a level 10 commitment your setting yourself up to fail.

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