get-what-you-wantDo you know the #1 reason why most people never get what they want in life?

It’s NOT because they don’t have enough time, money, or ambition to pursue it. Although they may think those things themselves are what they want. And it’s NOT because they’re not working their butts off.

In fact most people work far harder than they need to. All that work and effort in most cases is fueled by an unconscious desire not so much to “get what I want” but rather to “hold on to what I already have.”

It might appear to some that the age in which we live has facilitated a change in motivation for many from a burning desire to achieve what we want to a fear driven battle to hold on to what we have. Even with the wide spread achievement awareness created by The Secret and the Law of Attraction, “I just want to be comfortable” seems to be the battle cry of the fearful would-be survivors.

It is the psychology of how not to fail vs how to be victorious and is very easy to fall into. This fear mentality blocks creative juices, stifles ambition, creates extremely tight comfort zone parameters and is the primary identifiable reason why most people never get what they want.


Key Elements to Getting What You Want

1.  Part the FEAR-based curtain

2.  Look inside and identify your passion driven desire

3.  Define it.


The fearful only know what they don’t want. “I don’t want to lose my house, my job, my spouse, my big screen TV.”

And they define what they do want in vague cliche terms like “I want to be rich.” “I want a new car.” “I want a great relationship.” “I want to be trim and toned.” Or “I want to be able to afford gas for my car.”

Defining what you want in life with such obscure non specific terms will do very little if anything to help you get those things.

Be specific. Be clear. Go forward with purpose.

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