We’re taught to keep our eye on the ball and to focus on the outcome not the obstacle. Which I’m sure you’d agree is incredibly sound advice.

Too often we see only what stands between us and what we want and allow those things to stop us from moving forward or keep us from taking the first step.  The truth is we’re always going to encounter resistance in the pursuit of what we want – most of which with the right plan, enough determination and strength of will can be overcome.

The more subversive and covert stumbling block for countless otherwise great achievers is  the “internal resistance” they counter – but don’t have a clue it’s what’s slowing them down because it is on the unconscious level.

In the video I talk about the “end result” or outcome being like the leaves on a plant. Because they’re visible we get so focused on the leaves it’s all we pay any attention to….

“I must have great leaves.”

“I must have great leaves.”

“I must have great leaves.”

…and wind up ignoring what’s going on below the surface at the level of the roots.

But if the plant is going to flourish we must water and nurture the roots not the leaves.

If you have a values, integrity or worthiness conflict between what you want on the outside (the leaves) and what is going on inside (the roots) you will (not maybe) encounter overwhelming resistance, frustration and very likely failure.

The key is to fertilize, water, nurture the soil, and the roots. The only way to do that  is to take your sights off the goal and focus on your internal rather than external growth.

I would love to hear your thoughts.