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The Reality of Lower Level Living

Have you ever lived someplace you absolutely hated?  You know like crappy little back room “bachelor” apartment or just above a Chinese restaurant? We’ve all been there. For years one of my dearest friends lived in his parents’ dreary, damp old basement with no windows, no heat and mind numbing florescent lights. Even though it met tons of his basic


Tom TerwilligerThe Reality of Lower Level Living

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Pounding The Pavement For A Cause

We know exercise is good for us and we’ve all heard about the benefits- from reduced risk of disease and obesity to how it can make us feel really good. But it’s not always enough to get us up off the couch and moving. Sometimes we need more… right? There’s an interesting saying- “we’ll do more for others then we


Tom TerwilligerPounding The Pavement For A Cause

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The Children’s Hospital Race For Fetal Hope

I am an identical twin. My brother and I were fortunate to come into this world healthy, strong and without complication. There are however 800,000 reported pregnancies per year in the United States alone that aren’t as fortunate. Enter The Fetal Hope Foundation. Their mission is to provide support, provide information, fund research, increase awareness and be an outlet for


Tom TerwilligerThe Children’s Hospital Race For Fetal Hope

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When Life and Death Depends On The Strength Of Leadership

It’s less than 24 hours since the last man was brought up through the 22″ diameter shaft at the San Jose mine in Chile. There is still a welling in my chest and a tear of gratitude in my heart for the gift of hope those 33 men and one small country gave me and the rest of the world.


Tom TerwilligerWhen Life and Death Depends On The Strength Of Leadership

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The Secret Millionaire…Are You?

I watch very little television these days. After all, why would I? There’s so little time and way too much bad news being televised.  Who needs it! Every now and than however a show comes along that sparks my curiosity. A new “reality” program called, ‘The Secret Millionaire’ on FOX network did just that. The show features different “self absorbed”


Tom TerwilligerThe Secret Millionaire…Are You?

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Giving Back Can Be Fun…

Last weekend I was in Kirkland, Washington, a small very affluent waterfront town just north of Seattle hosting its 2nd Annual TTTS Race for Hope (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). The event was a massive success and although in the shadow of the passing off my dear friend, Steve Stone that same weekend… I had a blast. It seems that


Tom TerwilligerGiving Back Can Be Fun…