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Five Super Foods That Fight Aging

Are you aware that whatever you put into your body will affect not only how much, but how quickly you’ll age? Your Mother probably told you many times, “You are what you eat.” She was right! Unfortunately, a lot of the food we gulp down nowadays is full of chemicals and this can lead to early aging. Do you remember


Tom TerwilligerFive Super Foods That Fight Aging

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Hope or Joke?

At the stroke of midnight January 1 millions of people have raised their glass as they have countless years before and toasted to a new beginning.  This year like years past they resolved to lose those extra pounds, kick the two pack a day habit, get out of debt or finally find a better job only to find that two


Tom TerwilligerHope or Joke?

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2 Recipes to Squash Holiday Stress


  Listen, the holiday season can be pretty challenging but if your attempting to stay on a healthy lean eating plan and sticking with your regular exercise program you may be in for an even greater challenge… some additional stress. Be sure to watch the video below…     RECIPE 1 – Max Mindset Pound Cake 1. Take care of


Tom Terwilliger2 Recipes to Squash Holiday Stress

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Master of Your Domain

Discipline in ACTION is consistency… of action. with values. of method. with long term goals. with performance standards. over time. TRUE discipline requires the independence of mind to reject pressures to conform [even from the unconscious mind] in ways incompatible with values, of performance standards and long term aspirations. The only form of discipline is SELF discipline; having the INNER


Tom TerwilligerMaster of Your Domain

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DEBATE: Which Has More Power YES or NO?

Which has more power YES or NO?  This seemingly inconsequential linguistics debate has been raging in our minds since the inception of our consciousness. When I say debate I mean of course, “Do I say ‘yes?’ Or do I say ‘no?’” And of course the consequences can be anything but inconsequential. Much of the time the debate is quickly resolved


Tom TerwilligerDEBATE: Which Has More Power YES or NO?

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From the Boardroom to the Gym: How to Recover Between Battles


  The mindset of a warrior:  It’s the Spartan thrusting his spear while engaged in battle, the gladiator swinging his massive trident or the warrior goddess lashing out with tainted dagger. There is a warrior in you! It’s the part of you that will not capitulate and doesn’t know the meaning of walk away, quit or surrender.  The part of


Tom TerwilligerFrom the Boardroom to the Gym: How to Recover Between Battles

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5 Unconventional Ways to Increase Testosterone – It’s Not What You Think!

Have you checked your posture lately.  What would people say about your body language when you walk into a crowded room? If you glanced in the mirror (which I’m sure you never do) at some unsuspecting moment and didn’t change a thing would you see a powerful, confident and commanding leader or a slouchy push over? Did you know that


Tom Terwilliger5 Unconventional Ways to Increase Testosterone – It’s Not What You Think!

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11 Prime Nutrition Rules Fit People Should Follow

Although by the standard of his day good old Ben Franklin would not have been considered a glaring example of the perfect masculine physique, he was however arguably one of the most successful men in history. It could be said that his success was due, in large part to what he called the 13 virtues that he made an effort to


Tom Terwilliger11 Prime Nutrition Rules Fit People Should Follow

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Leadership Skills or Common Decency?

Years ago, Dale Carnegie published a list of rules for leadership based on his well-known book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And yet some people are still under the century old illusion that leadership is about dominating others in some way, or imposing their will on others whether by power or control. The common power struggles that take


Tom TerwilligerLeadership Skills or Common Decency?

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How to Maximize Peak Performance for Desk Junkies

When people talk about performance, the image that often comes to mind is the athlete.  Athletes who achieve greatness exemplify the qualities that define the successful pursuit of excellence. But even though we are not all professional athletes, we can use these traits to improve the quality of our lives, work, and relationships. No matter what your goal might be,


Tom TerwilligerHow to Maximize Peak Performance for Desk Junkies

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