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Which Coach Have You Been Listening To?


Even if you’re focused on the future, “someday I’ll be great” and try as hard as you can to live in the present, “I’ll do whatever it take right now to make it happen” the past may still be controlling what you do and how you do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 87 we all have a


Tom TerwilligerWhich Coach Have You Been Listening To?

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Half Empty-Half Full: Forecasting Your Future


How accurate do you think you are at forecasting your own future? I visited the Doomsday Expo. You heard me right the “Doomsday Expo” and I was surrounded by people who have a high level of certainty about the future… not just their future but yours and mine too. And they’re preparing for the worst. We all have our own


Tom TerwilligerHalf Empty-Half Full: Forecasting Your Future

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Strength of Will in the Man of Steel


Why does everyone idolize this superhero? The “Man of Steel” is this summers big blockbuster movie.   Millions of people (not just kids) have or will slap down there hard earned paper route money and make a superhuman effort to get to the nearest or most expensive movie theater to watch the latest remake of Superman. In the past 35


Tom TerwilligerStrength of Will in the Man of Steel

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Bad Attitude Checklist

Do you have a “bad” attitude? Bad attitudes come in all shapes and sizes but there are two types that are the most pervasive and infectious – and neither one is exclusive to New Jersey. Watch the latest Max Mind Set video on Muscle & Fitness and take my 5 point bad attitude checklist.  “It’s not your aptitude but your


Tom TerwilligerBad Attitude Checklist

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Accountability…Who Needs It?

Our success in life and on the playing field (whatever that field is for you) will depend in large part on our ability to identify our objective, commit to achieving it and our ability to keep ourselves accountable. The truth is accountability and especially accountability partners can be a HUGE pain in the ass. But truthfully I know of very


Tom TerwilligerAccountability…Who Needs It?

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How Much Should We Reveal?

There’s a of talk today about “transparency” and being authenticity who you are. But how much should you reveal about yourself to the world. Do we share with the public, our friends, the media the real reason we started lifting, the deep core truth about our desire… need to be better then what a fast food meal plan and 14


Tom TerwilligerHow Much Should We Reveal?

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What “Giving Someone The Finger” Could Really Mean

If you’re anything like me, there’s a lot you have to think about from minute to minute, day to day and week to week. It can be freaking overwhelming at times.  Other times it seems like we’re running on auto pilot. Just the other day for example, I was headed to Colorado Springs from Denver and after arriving at my


Tom TerwilligerWhat “Giving Someone The Finger” Could Really Mean

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Retreat, Regroup and Re-Engage

There are countless times throughout the course a year, month, week or even daily that we feel sort of overwhelmed, overworked, under accomplished and what is commonly described as Burned Out. Been there — done that. There are simply not enough beads on the average abacus to count how many times I have thrown my head back, covered my face


Tom TerwilligerRetreat, Regroup and Re-Engage

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Last night I had a opportunity to visit with New York Times bestselling author and the host of Wine Library TV Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is one of those people who, in spite of all the “economy bullshit” we keep hearing about is creating massive success not just for himself but for others as well. Have you ever wondered to yourself


Tom TerwilligerTHANK YOU?

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