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Can You Double Your Income in This Economy or Just Stay Afloat?

 Click to listen How is it some people seem to prosper and feel a sense of abundance regardless of what is going on around them? Join me as I dig deep into the success strategies and principles that will invoke the law of attraction and all but guarantee a lifetime of abundance with the author of Double Your Income Doing


Tom TerwilligerCan You Double Your Income in This Economy or Just Stay Afloat?

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Bob Greene out… Dr. Topher Morrison In

DR. TOPHER MORRISON – Settle for Excellence steps in for Bob Greene on tonight’s call. Since 1989, Topher, has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, as an acclaimed, dynamic presenter on topics ranging from personal growth to sales training. Dr. Morrison is internationally recognized for his columns on personal development, keynotes, and leadership training. Innovative and prolific, Topher is the


Tom TerwilligerBob Greene out… Dr. Topher Morrison In

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The Secret Millionaire…Are You?

I watch very little television these days. After all, why would I? There’s so little time and way too much bad news being televised.  Who needs it! Every now and than however a show comes along that sparks my curiosity. A new “reality” program called, ‘The Secret Millionaire’ on FOX network did just that. The show features different “self absorbed”


Tom TerwilligerThe Secret Millionaire…Are You?

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“Go Take a Flying Leap”

Next time someone says, “Go Take a Flying Leap.”¬† You should thank them!¬† There’s so much talk today about “taking the next step” or “going to the next level” that I’m tired of hearing about it. The truth is I have never gotten from where I was to where I wanted to be by taking some small step. Granted every


Tom Terwilliger“Go Take a Flying Leap”

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Preparing for a Fitness Battle

Let’s face it, getting fit takes some effort.¬† But getting into peak condition, shredded, or cut is an entirely different animal.¬† Comparing the two is like comparing going out for a jog to running a marathon. Getting fit requires discipline and desire while¬†getting into peak condition¬†takes both of those as well as grit, determination, single-mindedness, and the¬†ability to push past


Tom TerwilligerPreparing for a Fitness Battle

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The #1 Reason Most People Are Not Wealthy, Fit, and Successful

Do you know the #1 reason why most people never get what they want in life? It’s¬†NOT because they don’t have enough time, money, or ambition to pursue it.¬† Although they may think those things themselves are what they want.¬† And it’s NOT because they’re not working their butts off. In fact most people work far harder than they need


Tom TerwilligerThe #1 Reason Most People Are Not Wealthy, Fit, and Successful

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Public Speaking, American Idol, and the Mr. Olympia…Confidence?

I just got back from an experience that ranked right up there with competing in the Mr. Olympia, in fact it could only really be compared to being a competitor¬†on American Idol. Mr. Olympia contest…that’s me 2nd from the right. A few weeks a go I was invited to compete in a Speaker/Trainer competition for one of the biggest training/motivation


Tom TerwilligerPublic Speaking, American Idol, and the Mr. Olympia…Confidence?

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