Are You Playing FULL OUT?

I'm around the fitness and bodybuilding community quite a bit. In fact I would say my time is split just about down the middle between what I do in the
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The Power of Audacious Goals

In this episode of my Muscle & Fitness: Max Mind Set, I talk about leaving the New Year's Resolution "BULLSHIT" at 2012's doorstep and invoking some real passion by setting


Last night I had a opportunity to visit with New York Times bestselling author and the host of Wine Library TV Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is one of those people who,
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The Children’s Hospital Race For Fetal Hope

I am an identical twin. My brother and I were fortunate to come into this world healthy, strong and without complication. There are however 800,000 reported pregnancies per year in the
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Tom Terwilliger – Finalist in the 2010 Ethan Awards

Tom Terwilliger was named a Finalist in the in the fifth annual Ethan Awards. The Ethan Award‚Ñ¢ is set to become one of the literary world's most sought-after awards The Entrepreneurial Author‚Ñ¢ Awards are the only international, all-encompassing entrepreneurial author awards program, governed by a Board of Distinguished Judges and Advisors honoring great performances in the workplace.