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Legal Performance Enhancing Tunes

Want some controversy and maybe even a little in your face conflict? Ask the front desk dude at your gym to change the music from hardcore gangsta hip-hop to classic

Developing Inner Game Strategies

It happens to some of the best athletes, CEOs, actors, and public speakers in the world -- the loss of words, the inability to take action or even move, and

Social Media Assists in Sculpted Body

The power and reach of Facebook as we already know seems to be just about endless. We can literally reach out and touch a perfect stranger or be touched by

End Procrastination and Start to Achieve NOW

Putting things off until tomorrow or next week will almost always turn into another tomorrow or another week‚ or worse yet, never. Procrastination becomes a habitual and conditioned behavior that

Bob Greene out… Dr. Topher Morrison In

DR. TOPHER MORRISON - Settle for Excellence steps in for Bob Greene on tonight's call. Since 1989, Topher, has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, as an acclaimed, dynamic presenter on

Access to Fitness Experts – Jonny Bowden

 Click to listen Jonny Bowden is a board-certified nutrition specialist and a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition and is a best-selling author. His books include Living the Low-Carb