Max Mindset | Tom Terwilliger | Fix Your Personality Disorder

[VIDEO] Fix Your Personality Disorder!

Have you ever done something or acted in a way that seemed completely out of character for who you are? The other day I snapped at my wife for no real

2 Recipes to Squash Holiday Stress

  Listen, the holiday season can be pretty challenging but if your attempting to stay on a healthy lean eating plan and sticking with your regular exercise program you may be

Bob Greene out… Dr. Topher Morrison In

DR. TOPHER MORRISON - Settle for Excellence steps in for Bob Greene on tonight's call. Since 1989, Topher, has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, as an acclaimed, dynamic presenter on

Access to Fitness Experts – Jonny Bowden

 Click to listen Jonny Bowden is a board-certified nutrition specialist and a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition and is a best-selling author. His books include Living the Low-Carb