Social Media Assists in Sculpted Body

The power and reach of Facebook as we already know seems to be just about endless. We can literally reach out and touch a perfect stranger or be touched by

A Champion is… happens automatically for them – they don't know any other way.

Self Confidence: The Deal Breaker

He almost talked himself out of it... A few weeks ago one of my coaching clients had traveled to the Big Apple on what was designed to be a reconnaissance

Is Your Success Thermostat Keeping You Comfortable Or Holding You Back?

How do you know if you have a set point in some area of your life. Simple look at your results. If you've been at the same level of income, level of fitness and health, or in and out of unsatisfying relationships - it is very likely your internal thermostat has been determined and set in that area.
Tom Terwilliger - Mind & Body Performance

The False Face

Masking your insecurities by presenting an inauthentic side of yourself-- your crusty truth-- your false face, only leads to losing rapport with yourself and the sight of your true inner

Moving Towards or Away From What You Want

There may be several motivators for wanting change in your life. Not all goals and desires are driven by the same thing. Some may be driven by your conscious desires or