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How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Sucks

How is it that some people can overcome adversity at every turn while others seem to struggle day after day? There are countless people who are able to overcome the adversity of sexual abuse, daily violence, financial disaster and the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” with nothing more than a shrug and a smile. Then there are the majority who


Tom TerwilligerHow to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Sucks

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Legal Performance Enhancing Tunes

Want some controversy and maybe even a little in your face conflict? Ask the front desk dude at your gym to change the music from hardcore gangsta hip-hop to classic rock. Using music for motivation, at least in a public forum like gyms, began with the aerobics craze in the early 1970’s when celebrities like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda


Tom TerwilligerLegal Performance Enhancing Tunes

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Does Your Intention Limit Possibilities?

There’s the old quote, “Intention is everything.” It’s easy to say and seems to makes sense on a fundamental level, but why? It’s also easy to say that “my intentions were good” when things just don’t work out the way we planned. So what’s the big deal and where’s the real power of intention if it’s used so often and


Tom TerwilligerDoes Your Intention Limit Possibilities?

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Leadership Skills or Common Decency?

Years ago, Dale Carnegie published a list of rules for leadership based on his well-known book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And yet some people are still under the century old illusion that leadership is about dominating others in some way, or imposing their will on others whether by power or control. The common power struggles that take


Tom TerwilligerLeadership Skills or Common Decency?

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Strength of Will in the Man of Steel


Why does everyone idolize this superhero? The “Man of Steel” is this summers big blockbuster movie.   Millions of people (not just kids) have or will slap down there hard earned paper route money and make a superhuman effort to get to the nearest or most expensive movie theater to watch the latest remake of Superman. In the past 35


Tom TerwilligerStrength of Will in the Man of Steel

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The Reality of Lower Level Living

Have you ever lived someplace you absolutely hated?  You know like crappy little back room “bachelor” apartment or just above a Chinese restaurant? We’ve all been there. For years one of my dearest friends lived in his parents’ dreary, damp old basement with no windows, no heat and mind numbing florescent lights. Even though it met tons of his basic


Tom TerwilligerThe Reality of Lower Level Living

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3 Ways to Recalibrate When Feeling Discouraged

What is your motivation in your life? Are you ready to BE the person you want to be?  If you’re feeling a bit frustrated or discouraged at the lack of goal achievement in your life you’re not alone. Many people today feel a sense misalignment between their current reality and the hopes and dreams they have for the future, between


Tom Terwilliger3 Ways to Recalibrate When Feeling Discouraged

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[VIDEO] 8 Lessons For Navigating Tough Terrain

Success can be elusive, daunting and even struggles to achieve. After a punishing 7 hour mountain bike ride through the Colorado wilderness back country I discovered a few success lessons that apply to just about every area of life. I documented those lessons on camera as they presented themselves to me – usually in the form of obstacles. See how


Tom Terwilliger[VIDEO] 8 Lessons For Navigating Tough Terrain

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The Power of Audacious Goals

In this episode of my Muscle & Fitness: Max Mind Set, I talk about leaving the New Year’s Resolution “BULLSHIT” at 2012’s doorstep and invoking some real passion by setting an  empowering, challenging and audacious goal for the new year. Ready to rock… then check it out. Get Audacious in 2012   Watch My Video at Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Tom TerwilligerThe Power of Audacious Goals

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What “Giving Someone The Finger” Could Really Mean

If you’re anything like me, there’s a lot you have to think about from minute to minute, day to day and week to week. It can be freaking overwhelming at times.  Other times it seems like we’re running on auto pilot. Just the other day for example, I was headed to Colorado Springs from Denver and after arriving at my


Tom TerwilligerWhat “Giving Someone The Finger” Could Really Mean

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